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Catskill Conversation: Taking Our Water For Their City

December 5 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The New York Times regularly runs articles explaining that New York City has “the champagne” of city tap waters, because it comes from pure and rural mountains. But there is nothing natural about NYC’s water. To create the water system, thousands of people lost homes and businesses, and had to sue the City for compensation. To maintain the water system, those living around reservoirs are encouraged to sell their lands, creating landscapes of abandonment. Over the last nine years, April Beisaw and her Vassar College students have hiked the city-owned watershed to document lives ruined and cut short by a distant City. Through close examination of what was left behind, they have begun to estimate the enormous price that rural people paid to provide clean water to City residents. Maps of the land takings have also revealed patterns, such as the loss of many woman-owned lands and businesses that once thrived along the Ulster & Delaware Railroad in the Town of Olive .$10 Virtual Tickets available. Info: 845-657-8333; events@ashokancenter.org.